Regular bottled beer


All year round

Dortmund is the city that boasts the largest beer production in Germany. A beer with high extract content that used to be brewed in Dortmund for export and was therefore labeled simply as “Export,” gained enormous popularity. Baeren’s Classic inherits its style. This lager, with a distinctive character and solid taste, offers a splendid balance of bitterness and rich flavor.

All year round

SCHWARZ used to be drunk mainly in the former East Germany. It was introduced to the world after the reunification of Germany and now its popularity is on the rise. This dark beer, despite its color, has a smooth texture and crisp finish making it easy to drink.

All year round

“ALT” means “old” in German. This is a traditional beer style with a dark copper color that is brewed using top fermentation yeast, an older method applied before the contemporary lager (bottom fermented) beer style was invented. ALT delivers on all scenes and enjoy the refreshing hop aroma and smooth texture.

All year round

Characterized by a rich banana-like aroma and opulent flavor. Low bitterness and well-rounded mellowness makes this beer particularly popular with women.

Regular Can beer


All year round

Traditional Czech style pilsner with the use of fine aroma Saaz hop. For showing our big respect to the traditional way of European beer brewing, we use open fermenter to make the liquid much attractive and reduce the stress to the sensitive beer yeast. Refreshing taste and fresh hop flavor enable you to feel the great aftertaste.

All year round

German style red lager with the use of Japanese high quality water and the best red malt made in Germany. No additive or coloring contained. You can feel the rich malty taste and enjoy its breathtakingly beautiful red color in your glass.

Seasonal limited beer



A beer made using rye. This traditional German beer is seldom brewed nowadays and is quite rare worldwide. It delivers the simple unembellished flavor of rye bread and rich mellow taste.


“Mai” is German for “May.” In Germany, this opulent beer heralds the coming of spring. Bock, a beer style characterized by a rich and deep flavor, in Germany has a reputation for being a highly nutritious beverage.


A mix of beer with lemonade widely popular in south Germany. The word literally means “cyclist.” Having a low alcohol content, this drink provides perfect refreshment on a hot summer’s day. With only high-quality domestic lemon juice used and no additives applied, it delivers the natural flavor of the ingredients.


A mix of beer with Kabosu(Japanese unique citrus fruit) juice. The word Radler literally means “cyclist.” Having a low alcohol content, this drink provides perfect refreshment on a hot summer day. With only high-quality Japanese fresh Kabosu juice used and no additives applied, it delivers the natural flavor of the ingredients. Making the original base beer just for this beer to mix with Kabosu juice is doubtlessly our Braumeister’s passion itself.


“URSUS” means “strong bear” in German. This is a winter beer with high alcohol content in the Weizenbock style. Round of the year with the opulent flavor and thick texture of wheat beer.

PUMPKIN WHEAT with 3 spices

Spiced wheat ale with thick texture for Halloween. We arranged Belgian style wit beer and added pumpkin to the liquid. Enjoy the change of the taste by the temperature.


German kolsch style light ale beer. Local people drink with small glass again and again just like Wankosoba (the way of Iwate’s local soba noodle).The name Kolsch for beer is protected by the name of origin law so we named it Colonia deriving from the old name of Kolsch.


BAEREN’s original dark beer with rich and cacao flavor with no use of chocolate or cacao beans. The secret for this liquid is chocolate malt which is roasted by a malt roasting professional. This style of beer is widely known as one of the winter beers nowadays but we made BAEREN Chocolate stout for the first time in Japanese history and its name is officially registered as a BAEREN’s trademark.


A sister product of Baeren chocolate stout. Lactose(milk sugar) is added to the original liquid during its brewing process and a little sweeter than the original one. Thick and well-balanced roasted flavor with slightly high alcohol.


This full bodied dark beer has the highest alcohol of all the Baeren’s lineups (ABV. 9%) with rich taste and opulent texture on the tongue. It could be kept for 3 years and is enjoyable by aging and the changing flavor of the content like wine.


Made using the rind of “Hokugen-no Yuzu (Northernmost Yuzu)” grown in Rikuzentakata on the Pacific coast. A wheat beer with a delicate fragrance of Japanese yuzu.


Made with wild grapes grown in Noda Village on the Pacific coast. Enjoy the splendid balance of the rich flavor of wild grapes and refreshing sourness of Radler.


A fruit beer that makes lavish use of apples grown in Iwate Prefecture. Beer and apples fuse in a perfect match.


Traditional English style apple cider made with 100% Japanese fresh local apple. Surprisingly fresh, fruity and suitable to any kind of dish because it has such a high drinkability. At least 2 apples are contained per bottle and no chemicals added, brewed with no coloring. We got a silver medal in the JAPAN FUJI CIDER CHALLENGE 2018 and you can feel the high quality of Japanese apple.

Disaster Recovery Support beer


Yamada-machi Oranda-jima beer

Yamada-machi is a name of the town located in Iwate’s coastal area facing the Pacific Ocean. It has an island called Oranda-jima which means Netherlands-island because it is visited by people from Netherlands around middle 18th century when Japan had taken National Isolation Policy. We had a plan to have an outside beer party on March 11th, 2011 (the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake) in Yamada-machi but it could not be held at all. A few years later, we decided to cheer people there up and began to sell this beer. 10YEN per sell of this beer is sent to the town as Disaster Recovery Support Act. The content of this beer is the same as Baeren Alt(traditional Dusseldorfer ale).


We made this beer to cheer up the people living in the Pacific coastal area which was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Baeren staffs hope that bright light of beautiful fireworks illuminates the people and make everyone happy. 60yen per sell of this product is donated to LIGHT UP NIPPON Association, who hold Hanabi(Fireworks) festival on August 11 every year. The content is Classic Dortmunder lager beer.