Iwate prefecture where Baeren brewery is located is known as one of the coldest regions of Japanese mainland and also have the largest hop field in Japan.
In winter, the basin surrounded by 2 mountain ranges both side, it is not that rare that the high temperature of the day is below 0℃.
Thanks to such severe circumstance and Japanese soft water which is perfectly adapted especially to lager style, our beers come out with the aromatic, well balanced, rich aftertaste.
Baeren’s second Brewery in Shizukuishi, located at the foot of Mt. Iwate, adapts traditional fermentation methods while making use of the latest equipment for strict sanitary management.
Fermentation in open tanks, which has become rare in modern times, is literally the true craftsmanship by Japanese artisan who is certificated as a Braumeister in Germany.
Doubtlessly this could be acquired by the experience of the beer brewing with the use of over 100 year old brewhouse.
Now we export our beers to over 20 countries like the US, Asia and Europe.

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10 minutes by car or 35 minutes on foot from Morioka station. Also 10 minutes on foot from JR Kami-Morioka station. You can take a taxi if you come here from Morioka station in case bus time is not so convenient for you. Its average fee is about 1000yen if you do so.


Location 【Headquater and Brewery】1-3-31, Kitayama, Morioka, Iwate, 020-0061 Japan
【Shizukuishi Brewery】19-53, Numagaeshi, Shizukushi, Iwate-gun, Iwate, 020-0506 Japan
Date of Incorporation February 20, 2001
Capital 23,750,000 JPY
Chief Executive Officer Yoichi Shimada
Bank of account Kita-nihon bank
Business Manufacture and sales of beer & Management of restaurants
Opening hour 10:00am~5:30pm (Closed on New Year Holidays and January 22)

Corporate Identity mark

“Baeren” is German for “bear.” Therefore, our logo depicts a bear. The bear symbolizes the natural riches of Iwate Prefecture and the strength of the beer-brewing artisans. The shield carried by the bear features a beer barrel with three tools that were traditionally used by European brewers, symbolizing BAEREN’s commitment to traditional brewing techniques.

Corporate Philosophy

Let’s make tables all over the world happy with Baeren beer. Let’s consider our unlimited environment over and contribute for sustainable society. Let’s secure the safety of the workplace and make our company a place with full of staff’s dreams. Let’s be open about everything and always boast our work.

Baeren’s Hope

We think that the number of the people who completely understand the broad sense of beer world is not so large in Japan because the image and Japanese sense for drinking beer is like ‘I get a beer for the present’ or ‘Beer just to make a toast!’. We strongly respect European traditional way of beer brewing and handcraft beer with 100 year old and historic equipment imported from Germany. We hope Baeren beer to be always beside your days with its clear but opulent and full bodied rich aftertaste. We, Baeren brewery, hope that all of you and your tables become happy with our Baeren beer which is full of lush and wealthy flavor.

The History of BAEREN

Our 15 year history from the establishment of the brewery to getting two times 1st place in the beer competition held by Japan Beer Journalist Association is finally published!

Tsunagu Beer what a local small company make
– Brewery Building Strenuous Diary –
https://www.baerenbier.co.jp/funsen/index.htm (our very old website remains still)
1-3-31, Kitayama, Morioka, Iwate, 020-0061 Japan Baeren Brewery Co., Ltd.
Person In Charge:Yoichi Shimada