Beer Pub Baeren Zaimokucho is now closed but still there for the season of Yoichi(local street market) held on Saturdays from April to November every year and other events. We will let you all know the info about the events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
If you are looking for Morioka local beer “Baeren” around the Morioka station, please stop by our newly opened restaurant, “Beer Base Baeren” right in front of the station!

Baeren beer

Regular beer Classic
・Glass ¥500
・Mug ¥600
・UK Pint ¥700

・Glass ¥500
・Mug ¥600
・UK Pint ¥700

・Glass ¥500
・Mug ¥600
・UK Pint ¥700
Baeren Seasonal limited beer It depends on the timing so please ask a staff or look at the blackboard menu inside for more details.

Imported bottle beer

Rare imported bottled beers from all over the world. The kind changes depending on the timing so please ask a staff about today’s imported bottle beer.

Beer cocktails

selectable ¥600~

Other alcholic beverage

Japanese Sake ¥510~
Wine ¥510~
Shochu(clear liquor distilled from sweet potatoes, rice and buckwheat etc.) ¥510~

Soft drink

selectable ¥310~

All you can drink Party Menu

We have various kinds of party menu with All you can drink system.

Feel free to ask a staff for more details like the contents of beer list and food menu of that time.

Price: 3500yen~ (It depends on the contents and number of dishes.)

Shop Information

7-31, Zaimokucho, Morioka, Iwate, 020-0063 Japan
TEL 019-626-2771  FAX 019-656-0737

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 5:00pm~11:00pm
Saturday 3:00pm~11:00pm

Last order
FOOD 10:00pm
DRINK 10:30pm

Happy hour
Before 6 pm
All kinds of Baeren draft beer 100YEN OFF!
(Saturday until 3:00pm 200YEN OFF!)

Credit card

on Sundays and Holidays(We open before holidays)、Second and Forth Mondays

Cash On Delivery System
Please order, pay(in advance) and get your beer at the counter.
No smoking inside.