Making all efforts to persue the eco-friendly activities.

We organized a eco-friendly-team to start considerating our environment worldwide. Additionally, from the investigation we had done for a long time, we changed the system from bottle reusing to bottle recyclin. gPlease separate bottles under the local rule of recycling.

Please separate bottles under the local rule of recycling except when you bring them to our factory in Kitayama, Morioka city, Iwate.

Changed and improved points

1.No reusing bottles.
2.We keep gathering bottles just in Morioka area but every of them is recycled by cullet glass recycling.
3.No more bring-bottles-back refund.
4.1YEN for each bottle is donated for Environmental Protection Support act of Iwate.
Date of issue:June 1, 2015
Press release:

For workplace safty

We strongly respect the traditional European way of beer brewing and recipe, thus many of our brewing equipments have come from Germany. However, at the same time and that is why, we have some strict rules for protecting our work place safety. Just the tip of iceberg is below.

1.Only lagering tank that is officially checked the strength and guaranteed can be used here.

Special agent check the strength of all the tanks and we use only tanks that are certificated its intensity and safety with pressure resistance survey report by Boiler & Crane Safety Association.

Also, light and unstable aluminium tanks are securely fixed to the ground.

2.The latest gas servers and introduction of double check system for safety devices.

We use the latest gas pressure regulater set by experts when brewers work on technical work. Just in case the pressure inside the tank exceed the maximum setting, 2 kinds of safety check system are set.

One is the equipment that stops gas serving automatically by solenoid valve and the other is that mechanically emit the gas at once.

Splint valve which prevent from increasing pressure by fermentation and pressure gauge are permanently installed. We check them and measure value every time before we start working on.

3.Procedure and safety manual for safe operation.

We installed procedure and safety manual with the advice of outside expert and make operation report and do pressure check for everyt work. We save safety routes and try to maintain an organized work space.

4.Education and high quality conscious for safety.

Setting a safety day every month and educate brewing staffs and share dangerous points together. We have an all the company safety day in January for every one of all the staffs to keep the high counsciousness for workplace safety. We also introduced the danger sahring system and are givin outside expert’s regular check.